Arafura Ventures has an opportunistic investment philosophy.
"It was a bold person that first ate an oyster"
Jonathan Swift 1667-1745.

The first person would indeed have been brave. We treat investments the same and it starts with the founders and management team vision.

We believe strongly that the most important aspect of any small business is people. We place a large amount of trust in people, as it's the people we're investing in and their ability to make things work. You don't need to be a superstar graduate to pitch us a deal, just be yourself. We thrive on honesty and transparency.

We look to deploy venture capital to expanding a technology platform or Internet software product that has had initial commercial acceptance. Our investment philosophy is not biased on whether businesses or entrepreneurs have been operating for a relatively short or longer period. Arafura's portfolio companies include several start ups whose technologies took several years to commercialize. What we really focus on is a technology platform, large available global market and product uniqueness that is being monetized.

We don't over promise on having a golden rolodex of contacts, yet have a diverse network of venture and corporate colleagues in Silicon Valley to call on in good and challenging times to help our portfolio companies. We often roll up our sleeves up, help source and interview new staff. Hey, we're even good at praying.