Arafura Ventures focuses on the following sectors or industries with investments and reflect these themes:

Cloud & Decentralization of the Enterprise

The Cloud enabled new technology business models to flourish over the past decade. We know as we helped roll out web hosting in the late 90's. We believe these first generation cloud companies laid the foundation of further decentralization of the enterprise. The consolidation of cloud software vendors and desire for IT managers to choose cloud vendors who provide more value and industry expertise presents significant investment opportunities that Arafura Ventures is focused on investing in.

Global Platforms

We believe in funding companies which have platform technology which are focused not on one particular country yet are global in accessibility and orientation. Our investment decisions are strongly influenced by the existing use of the technology by users in different countries and the opportunity of global expansion.

Browsers, Operating Systems & HTML5

The Internet browser is rapidly developing towards the next major operating system. We believe a next generation of killer applications will be built upon Internet browser. As the web based HTML 4.0 is challenged by native applications and HTML 5 for mobile, big opportunities exist for technology to disrupt existing business models. We like all the apps and OS's for their various strengths and weaknesses and are keen observers. The technology behind a business is always a key consideration, however the main driver is the people, followed by the business case and the model.

Mobility Enterprise

Mobile connectivity and smart phone/tablet device proliferation has changed where users access online information and services. We believe these mobile offers business the most flexibility and as IT Managers grapple with their workforce using multiple apps on iOS and Android to operate business functions, technologies that help mobile business will present exciting investment opportunities.

Tools Drive Efficiency

The massive shift to Internet based commerce in all industries over the past 2 decades now requires efficiency tools to improve profit margins. We believe tool based technologies that drive efficiencies will continue to be in high demand by IT decision makers to streamline processes, optimize customer experience and maintain uptime of online businesses.